Friday, 8 November 2013

Walking the Talk

This morning, as Mrs Graham walked to school, she noticed the grass berm all along her street was covered with styrofoam balls - the type you get in beanbags.  They were so thick that it looked as if there had been a recent hailstorm.  What was most disturbing though, was that the weather forecast for heavy rain and all of those balls would end up in the stormwater drains - some already had.

Because this street is so close to our school and we have been learning so much about the dangers of rubbish getting into stormwater drains, we decided to do some community service and get out there and pick up as much of it as possible.

We had just 30 minutes to make as much of a difference as possible.  This photo does not even show all of what we picked up.  The worst part is that we couldn't get it all either.  There is still so much we had to leave behind.

We are proud though that we were able to take our learning out into the local community, and for some fish we did make a difference!

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